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How You Know You Need a New Kitchen

December 5, 2016

I have often removed kitchens that seemed charming and beautiful.  The owners had taken care of them with great care and pride and appeared to be ample at first glance.  These kitchens were state of the art in their day.   No doubt they were a place that prepared many good meals and have seen many good times but kitchens have come a long way and the way we use them has changed forever.





The fact is, technology has given us much better cabinets and appliances have changed as well.  For instance, refrigerators are generally much taller than they were ten years ago. Ranges have much less ability to be adjusted for height.  Add a layer of tile and change your 1 ½ “laminate top to a 1 1/8” granite top and your new range will sit oddly high.  If you upgraded from a free-standing range to a glass top slide in and your top won’t even sit on the counter! 



So how do you know when it really is time to replace your cabinets?

  1. First, do you really like them or will they just do?

  2. Do you find sawdust in your drawers?  If your cabinets are very old, this happens because you are drawing wood over wood.  This constantly creates a mess in an area you might store food or utensils.

  3. Are you having a hard time finding appliances that fit?  Refrigerator heights have increased over the last ten to fifteen years.  If you have a cabinet over your old fridge it may need to be modified.  Chances are, your cabinets could stand to be replaced.

  4. Are your toe kicks extremely short due to the buildup of flooring? A good indication your cabinets are dated is that they have lived through 3 or more kitchen floors.  I cannot tell you how many times people have asked me to put granite countertops on cabinets like this.  When your cabinets have outlived most of their useful life, why set them in stone?

  5. Do you have appliances you just don’t use?  Trash compactors are not nearly as useful as they used to be since we started recycling.  The garbage we don’t recycle will smell bad long before you fill the compactor.  This amounts to wasted space.

  6. Are there things behind your cabinets that need to be fixed?  Do you have rot, poor insulation or water and mold damaged walls behind your cabinets?  Removing cabinets and replacing them can be done in some cases but not usually with custom kitchens.

Sometimes, functional obsolescence is built into a new kitchen and this can affect the value of your house in the same way as an old kitchen.  Do you have a work area on either side of your range?  Is your refrigerator far away from any counter top for loading or unloading?  Does your oven open into a high traffic area?  Are your wall cabinets so low that you can barely fit normal counter top appliances under them?


Another thing I have often seen is that the structure was just not properly laid out for a kitchen.  The cabinets were laid out around a poor structural design that is easily remedied like radiators or poorly sized windows.  Sometimes it is a wall that can be moved to change your ordinary kitchen into a focal point that brings a “wow-factor” into the heart of your home.

These are just some of the reasons you might want to replace your kitchen cabinets but the best reason is that next to location, the kitchen is the heart and soul of your home.  A bad kitchen can really decrease the value of your home.  So why struggle with an old kitchen?  New kitchens are easier to keep clean and sanitary.  They are more efficient to cook in and why not install the kitchen while you will be able to enjoy the benefits rather than putting one in for the next owner?


If you think that you would like a new kitchen, you need to start with a design professional.  Our design services are free but what really sets us apart from other kitchen companies is our knowledge of construction and structure. So if you really want to know what is possible, let us create a design for your kitchen.  See what your kitchen will look like before you purchase it.  Work with us and we can make your dream kitchen a reality!



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