December 5, 2016

I have often removed kitchens that seemed charming and beautiful.  The owners had taken care of them with great care and pride and appeared to be ample at first glance.  These kitchens were state of the art in their day.   No doubt they were a place that prepared many good meals and have seen many good times but kitchens have come a long way and the way we use them has changed forever.

The fact is, technology has given us much better cabinets and appliances have changed as well.  For instance, refrigerators are generally much taller than they were ten years ago. Ranges have much less ability to be adjusted for height.  Add a layer of tile and change your 1 ½ “laminate top to a 1 1/8” granite top and your new range will sit oddly high.  If you upgraded from a free-standing range to a glass top slide in and your top won’t even sit on the counter! 

So how do you know when it really is time to replace your cabinets?

  1. First, do you really like them or will they...

September 6, 2016

So you have a brand new kitchen and countertops and yes, you have spent some good money.  The installation is going well and the tops are now in!  The kitchen looks great, but the bare wall behind the cabinet is definitely missing something.  If you want that rich built-in custom look of completion, you need to do something with that backsplash!

A kitchen without a backsplash is like a tuxedo without a cummerbund!  Truthfully, even if you are a minimalist, the perception of quality is going to be much greater with a backsplash treatment than just a painted wall over whatever typical 4” backsplash comes with your top.

What does a backsplash do?  Primarily it prevents moisture from penetrating the wall behind your countertops.  Whether you are cooking and cleaning after a meal or washing in the bathroom, all of these areas have the potential to become wet through normal use.  Behind the sink, stove and prep areas in a kitchen it is more than just cosmetics to have an area that ca...

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September 6, 2016

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